Solomon Davis passport application, 1889.

The Davis Family seems to be one of my farthest back ancestors to have immigrated to this country from Prussia, modern day Germany. Solomon Davis and his wife Sophia immigrated to the United States in 1865. They went on to have four children; Abraham, Lily, Louis, and Delia. My family personally did not know of the last two children but all of the information matches with the family.

Sophie's parents seem to have also immigrated here, I am still working to confirm but they're names are Joseph Wronker and Amela Uln, from Prussia.

Solomon's father's name is Abraham, according to his brother's death certificate.

Abraham J. Davis is my great-great grandfather, below is from the 1880 census living with his parents and sister.

1880 Census of the Davis Family

Marriage Certificate of Abraham and Estella, 1899.

Abraham J. Davis married Estella Rosenthal in October of 1899. She was originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Max Rosenthal and Sarah Fass, also from Prussia. 

Below is Estella living with her parents, uncle, and brothers; Samuel and Joseph in 1880 in Manhattan.

1880 Census, Rosenthal Family

Abraham and Estella went on to have three sons, Joseph, Simon, and Solomon. Abraham worked at the Post Office, which was supposedly a respected job. (A "proud" fact that seems to gone down generations)

1920 Census, Davis Family

Davis family photo, abt. 1930

My great grandfather was Joseph Davis, he married my great grandmother Helen Lembark in 1925. They had two sons Marshall and Ralph.  

Abraham Davis / Joseph Wronker** -Amelia Uln**


Solomon Davis - Sophia Wronker**


Abraham J. Davis - Estella Rosenthal

1871-1935   1874-1958


Joseph Davis - Helen Lembark

1900-1972   1903-2000


Ralph Davis - Marilyn Ellenzweig


Edward Davis


Joshua Davis

**There is a lot of information such as Census and more in depth family trees that I did not include, if you want anything just let me know, I would be happy to get it for you.**