Pesach "Phillip" Nussbaum and Eta Kuperszmidt are my great great grandparents who immigrated from Międzyrzecz, Poland in 1913, a few months apart. Together they had Yetta, Michel, Pauline, Frank, Nathan, and Harry. All of who immigrated to this country except Michel.

1913 Passenger List, Nussbaums

Minnekahda Ship, 1937-1936

1925 New York State Census

This census shows Philip and Etta living in New York in 1925, with four of their children. 

Nussbaums Gravestones, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

According to Phillip and Etta's gravestones, their father's names were Avraham Yitzchal Nussbaum and Yitzak Kuperszmidt.

They both died in 1956, not far apart from one another.

My great grandmother Pauline Nussbaum married Joseph Ellenzweig in 1927, and they went on to have three children; Paul, Harry, and Marilyn.

Avraham Yitzchal Nussbaum / Yitzak Kuperzmidt


Pesach Nussbaum and Etta Kuperszmidt


Joseph Ellenzweig - Pauline Nussbaum

1895-1976 1900-1980


Ralph Davis - Marilyn Ellenzweig


Edward J. Davis - Cindy Steinberg


Joshua Davis  + Lindsay Davis

**There is a lot of information such as Census and more in depth family trees that I did not include, if you want anything just let me know, I would be happy to get it for you.**