The first ancestor of the Ellenzweig line of my tree that came to the United States was my great grandfather Joseph Ellenzweig, who was born in 1895 in Międzyrzec, Poland to Pincus Elencwajg and Masha Wloch, who both want generations into that town. The records of their marriage is in Polish but people on Facebook translated it for me, giving me there parents names.  He had three siblings; Herszl, Rose, and Sylvia with his brother staying back in Poland There is also an Aaron Elencwajg, who I believe is another sibling but have not confirmed, who stayed in Poland also.

Joe immigrated to this country in 1913, leaving behind his mother, who is still alive in Poland. He sailed from Belgium to New York City. He originally lived with his sister Rose.

Vaderland 1900-1915

Here is the 1920 Census of Joe living with his sister Rose and her family. 

Joseph Ellenzweig married Pauline Nussbaum in 1927. They went on to have three children; Paul, Harry, and Marilyn.

Throughout his life he worked as a brush maker, something that seems to familial with his brother in Poland also doing so. 

Joe with his wife and kids, circa 1947

Gilel Elencwajg**


Josel Elencwajg - Pesa Keyla**


Itsko Yankel Elencwajg / Gershko and Cipa Wloch


Pincus Elencwajg - Masza Wloch


Joseph Ellenzweig - Pauline Nussbaum

1895-1976 1900-1980


Ralph Davis - Marilyn Ellenzweig


Edward Davis


Joshua Davis

**Need more conformation, very positive, spoke with cousins in Argentina.

**There is a lot of information such as Census and more in depth family trees that I did not include, if you want anything just let me know, I would be happy to get it for you.**