The first Gladstein ancestor to come to the United States was Nathan Abraham Gladstein, born October 1, 1888 in Korbin Russia, which is modern day Belarus. Based on various sources, his parents names were Joseph Gladstein and Sarah Cohen. He went on to marry Beckie Gastman in 1913. I have not found his immigration records yet. 

1920 US Census, New York, Gastmans

Beckie Gastman immigrated to this country from Warsaw, Poland in the early 1900s with her parents and siblings. 

Her father, Michael Gastman's birth is recorded out of Warsaw on July 16,1851, also listing his parents, Fiszel Gastman and Chana Lajzer.

Ethel Dantziger Gastman died in 1921 in New York.

Michael Gastman died in 1925 in Detroit, Michigan living with near his daughter.

1930 US Census, Gladsteins

Nathan and Beckie Gladstein went on to have three children; Sarah, Joseph, and Elliot.

My great grandfather Joseph Gladstein married Leila Weiner around 1940. They had two children, Marcia and Peter.

My grandmother was Marcia Joy Gladstein Steinberg

Elliot Gladstein, death certificate 1931

Elliot died during childhood in 1931.

Fiszel Gastman - Chaja Lajzer


Joseph Gladstein - Sarah Cohen / Michael Nachman Gastman - Ethel Dantziger

                                                                                                                       1851-1925   1851-1921


Nathan Abraham Gladstein - Beckie Gastman

1888-1969  1889-1980


Joseph Gladstein - Leila Weiner

1918-1983  1919-2012


Edmund Steinberg - Marcia Joy Gladstein


Edward J. Davis - Cindy Steinberg


Joshua Davis  + Lindsay Davis

**There is a lot of information such as Census and more in depth family trees that I did not include, if you want anything just let me know, I would be happy to get it for you.**