1910 Census of the Lembark family. 

Max and Minnie Lembark are my great-great grandparents. He immigrated in 1897, she immigrated a year later in 1898 with the kids. They went on to have eight children, five back in Russia and three here. There children were in order; Samuel, Herman, Louis, Solomon, Anne, Helen, Edward, and Rose. 

Max Lembark Death Certificate, 1915

Max's parent's names seem to be, based on his death certificate in 1915 were Edward Lembark and Anna Weiss.  

Naturalization Papers, Max Lembark 1910

Based on Max's naturalization papers in 1910, he went to Montreal, Canada and then to New London, Connecticut in 1897. They originally come from Borisloff, Russia which today is Borislov, Belarus.

Minnie's maiden name has been listed as different names on various records. On Rose's birth certificate, her maiden name is listed as "Letigewski" and on Edward's marriage certificate, the maiden name is listed "Rubin".

Her parents names based on her death certificate in 1936 were Solomon and Bella Rubin.

My great grandmother was Helen Lembark, she married Joseph Davis in 1925, shown on the Davis History page.

Minnie Lembark Death Certificate, 1936

Edward Lembark- Anna Weiss / Solomon and Bella Rubin


Max Lembark - Minnie Rubin

1867-1915   1872-1936


Joseph Davis - Helen Lembark

1900-1972   1903-2000


Ralph Davis - Marilyn Ellenzweig


Edward Davis


Joshua Davis

**There is a lot of information such as Census and more in depth family trees that I did not include, if you want anything just let me know, I would be happy to get it for you.**